Past Workshops





  • Symposium “Post-mortem Angiography”. 3rd Congress of the International Society of Ferensic Radiology and Imaging. Marseille, May 2014.
  • Workshop “Introduction to Multi-phase Post-Mortem CT-Angiography (MPMCTA)”. 23rd International Meeting on Forensic Medicine Alpe-Adria-Pannonia, Lausanne, June 2014.
  • IAFS Workshop Multi-phase Post-Mortem CT-Angiography, World forensic festival, Seoul, October 2014.
  • TWGPAM Workshop - Postmortem Angiography, 23rd Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine, Dubaï, January 2015
  • Fumedica workshop on post-mortem angiography. ISFRI/IAFR Joint Congress, Leicester, May 2015



  • Workshop “Post-mortem CT-Angiography”, International Acadamy of Forensic Sciences, Madeira, September 2011.
  • Workshop “Multiphase Post-mortem CT-Angiography (MPMCTA)”, 22nd Congress of the International Acadamy of Legal Medicine, Istanbul, July 2012.
  • Workshop post-mortem CT-angiography, 9th Virtopsy Course Zürich-Lausanne, March 2013.
  • Workshop “Post-mortem CT-Angiography”. 4th Annual Iranian International Congress of Forensic Medicine, Teheran, February 2014


Future Workshop


  • 8th Virtangio Workshop, São Paolo, 2019