Past Workshops





  • Symposium “Post-mortem Angiography”. 3rd Congress of the International Society of Ferensic Radiology and Imaging. Marseille, May 2014.
  • Workshop “Introduction to Multi-phase Post-Mortem CT-Angiography (MPMCTA)”. 23rd International Meeting on Forensic Medicine Alpe-Adria-Pannonia, Lausanne, June 2014.
  • IAFS Workshop Multi-phase Post-Mortem CT-Angiography, World forensic festival, Seoul, October 2014.
  • TWGPAM Workshop - Postmortem Angiography, 23rd Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine, Dubaï, January 2015
  • Fumedica workshop on post-mortem angiography. ISFRI/IAFR Joint Congress, Leicester, May 2015



  • Workshop “Post-mortem CT-Angiography”, International Acadamy of Forensic Sciences, Madeira, September 2011.
  • Workshop “Multiphase Post-mortem CT-Angiography (MPMCTA)”, 22nd Congress of the International Acadamy of Legal Medicine, Istanbul, July 2012.
  • Workshop post-mortem CT-angiography, 9th Virtopsy Course Zürich-Lausanne, March 2013.
  • Workshop “Post-mortem CT-Angiography”. 4th Annual Iranian International Congress of Forensic Medicine, Teheran, February 2014


Future Workshop


  • 8th Virtangio Workshop, São Paolo, October 2019
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    • For registration, follow the next steps:   
      1 - Click on the following link Sympla Website   
      2 - On the right side, select the event - 8° Workshop TWGPAM - 3 dias/ 3 day by clicking the "plus" (+) mark to include your registration and click on "REALIZAR INSCRICAO"  
      3 - It will open a form to include your name, last name, email and phone. Additionally the option Student or Graduate and the Institution is selectable.  
      4 - The next part of the form includes information to receive the confirmation - all you need is to click the "Copiar Informações" field, selecting the option "Inscrição no 1" and your data will be copied from above and the confirmation will be sent do your e-mail.   
      5 - Confirm clicking by "FINALIZAR"